Acne JR is a Swedish toy company based in Stockholm.
Our ambition is to make traditional, iconic, toys in a modern way.
Acne JR is part of the Acne Family company group, founded in 1996,
which works within design, media and fashion.
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Hökens Gata 8   MAP
Stockholm, Sweden
Open Thursdays 12–18
or by appointment


Acne JR
Box 4220
102 65 Stockholm, Sweden 
+46 8 20 70 05 
mail [at] acnejr [dot] com 


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For press inquiries please contact press [at] acnejr [dot] com


All payments are made via credit card or PayPal account.
The shop's currency is SEK. Prices may differ. All payments will be converted to SEK upon payment.
PayPal is responsible for currency conversion. PayPal will show you the exact price in your currency
before you submit the payment. International orders may be subjected to taxes and custom duties
at the destination point. The buyer is responsible for all such costs. 

If you need delivery before a specific date, please write an 'order comment' in Checkout.
Complains should be made within one week after receiving goods.
Please read safety information on the products carefully. 


Prices do not include shipping costs. 
Shipping rates; Sweden 60 SEK, Europe 160 SEK, International 190 SEK.


Photographer Pär Olsson. Web developer Didrik Nordström.

Copyright © 2011 Acne JR AB. All rights reserved. Acne JR reserves the right for any inaccuracies. 

  • Acne Toy Shop – Open
  • Acne JR Shop – Open by appointment
  • Acne Studios Miniature 2015
  • Little Cloud lamp Friends with you
  • Miffy Plush Dick Bruna
  • Totoro Strong Gray
  • Kranium animation
  • kranium unpainted
  • Black Kranium animation
  • Totoro White Small Sun Arrow
  • Totoro Walk
  • Peanuts Snoopy VCD
  • Peanuts Schleich
  • Justus Blundlund
  • Golden Apple
  • Key Pencil Sharpner
  • Kebnekaise Little Red Stuga
  • Kido Free Play Magnatab
  • Kido A–Z Magnatab
  • Critter Leopold Jumping Bug
  • Toy Boarders
  • Ghost Light Studio Arhoj
  • Cheburashka Drutten Brown Sun Arrow
  • Cheburashka White Sun Arrow
  • Cheburashka Drutten Hand Puppet Sun Arrow
  • Cheburashka Magnet Sun Arrow
  • Pippi Långstrump & Herr Nilsson
  • Money Saver L'atelier d'exercise
  • EyeClock
  • Little Brother Gösta Wessel
  • Areaware Puzzlehead
  • Giant Snowglobe Maison Martin Margiela
  • Maison Martin Margiela Hour Glass
  • Maison Martin Margiela Russian Doll
  • White Mozart Kugeln Music Box
  • Beech Mozart Kugeln Music Box
  • Oak Mozart Kugeln Music Box
  • Breakers Kidrobot
  • Areaware Balancing Blocks
  • Jiji Kiki's Delivery Service
  • Cubebot Ninjabot Micro
  • Areaware Cubebot Julien
  • Rädda Barnen Vårdträd poster
  • Trumma animation
  • Bell animation
  • Chester Denim waving his hand
  • Chester original edition
  • Äpple animation
  • Chester leather animation
  • SwimFin – The Ultimate Swimming Aid
  • Daft Punk, Guy Manuel De Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter
  • Archetoys_Hearse
  • Archetoys_milktruck
  • Archetoys_Roadroller
  • Archetoys_plant
  • Archtoys_IcecreamVan
  • Archetoys_farm
  • Archetoys_smalltruck
  • Archetoys_Firetruck
  • Archetoys_Garbagetruck
  • Archetoys_AmericanSchoolbus
  • Archetoys Sportcar
  • Archetoys Car 1
  • Archetoys_Post_Van
  • Archetoys_NewYorkTaxi
  • Arhetoys policecar
  • Archetoys logo
  • Archetoys_LondonTaxi
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